Arena Breakout – A fancy survival shooting game

by MODDROID.LIVE, Sunday, 13 February 2022 (10 months ago)

Arena: Breakout has entered the CBT scene in China. Brace your nerves and stock up on a massive loot bag.

Arena: Breakout is a mobile shooter from Tencent that has returned to test servers in China. Our sources say there are few changes from past CBTs, but so far Breakout is a contender for the top 1 in this genre. The thing is, players are only allowed to run in first-person, and there’s little UI information to fend off sudden raids. What kills the most is the fact that when you loot a crate or a body, the whole screen blocks the interface, only the external sounds remain.

The evasion developers promise huge and open maps, and it is said in the clear that the enemy may turn out to be a bot. While Arena: Breakout takes place in CBT, many players are already complaining that the project will never be released. This is particularly evident from comments on TapTap . Fire triggers the release of Lost Light, another cool shooter whose mechanics have become obsolete since the release of PUBG: New State.

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